Office Safety Protocols During COVID-19:

· All entry to the office is limited by appointment only.

· Maximum occupancy of patients in the office is very limited to allow for social distancing.

· We ask everyone to reschedule their appointment if they have tested positive for COVID in the last 3-4 weeks, or is experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms.

· Temperature checks are preformed at the door upon entry.

· Hand washing is required at check in.

· Patients are required to keep a mask on the entire duration of their visit. This includes during frame select and pickup. You must keep your mask on properly, at all times.

· We sanitize every single surface and object (including frames) that anyone comes in contact with. This is done after every appointment or pickup.

· We offer hand sanitizer for exiting the office.

· The doctor and all employees are required to wear a surgical mask at all times. If staff is going to come within six feet, they will be also wearing a face shield.

· There have been shields installed on all of the equipment in the exam rooms.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 503-222-2990. This is a difficult time for everyone; our goal is to navigate this as carefully and as safely as possible.